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I'm a Electrical Engineer with 7 years of experience in the field in different departments: procurement and logistic department and project department. My native language is Spanish but I also speak English, I am 29 years old.

I would like to share with your a brief summary of my recent experience since the June of 2013. I have been working as Project Coordinator in INTELEC GLOBAL (www.intelecglobal.com) for companies such as (bp, neal and massy, worely parson, siemens, Autoridad del canal de Panamá, Ecopetrol, Gas Natural Fenosa, Abb, etc) in a few countries such as Trinidad and Tobago (oil and gas platforms-BP), Panamá (transport-Autoridad del canal de Panamá) , Perú (mining-ABB), Colombia (oil-Ecopetrol) , Costa Rica (hydro Natural Fenosa), Installing system of energy backup (UPS, Batteries, Cabinets, transformers etc.)

I have worked in major private companies in Venezuela in the energy sector, purchasing materials and equipment for electrical substations, Electrical Substation (GIS) and generation plants , by assessment providers, comparison charts, trading, developing partner, making strategic alliances for the benefit of companies which have served among other points of interest. I know broadly of all materials and equipment required for construction of electrical substations, backup systems vital for the functioning of industries energy and know a little about pipes, valves, flanges, fasteners , fire protection systems, fire detection systems, safety etc. I have strong knowledge of procurement and electrical engineering
Historia laboral
* Corporación INTELEC C.A: Main Responsibilities:
-    Coordination of essential energy (AC, DC and UPS) back up projects. Implies the coordination of the project stages as planning, execution, monitoring & control and closure, for countries like Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama.
-    Supervision of custom procedures for products importation in Peru, Colombia and Panama.
-    Supervision of engineering documents such as: single line diagram, three-line diagram, descriptive reports of projects, quantity take off.
-    Lead and coordinate manufacturing, construction, installation, maintenance, support, documentation, and testing activities to ensure compliance with specifications, codes, and customer requirements.
-    Recognize customer additional requirements
-    Design systems and solutions
-    Evaluate and execute design specifications and technical drawings.
-    Researching suitable solutions and estimating costs related to the project budget.
-    Attending meetings, writing reports and giving presentations to managers and clients.
-    Design and accomplish conducting tests, trainings and commissioning’s.
-    Service and maintenance for equipment, UPS’S, batteries, cabinets, etc.
-    Issue product documentation, writing reports and client presentation.
-    Guarantee projects meet electrical and construction safety regulations.
-    Inspect completed installations and sight operations, to ensure conformance of design and equipment specifications in compliance with operational and safety standards.

British Petroleum Project Manager for six (6) essential backup systems (UPS), two parallel redundant systems of 120 kVA and 100 kVa, three (3) stand alones of 100 kVa, one (1) 80 kVa stand alone (actually in process of execution).
British Petroleum Project Manager, for two (2) essential backup systems (UPS), two (2) parallel redundant systems of 40 kVA offshore (Platform)

* Asociación Civil Parapente: Representante de la Junta Directiva,evaluación de avance de obra, fujo de caja, asesoría en la planificación del proyecto, soluciones para solventar morosidadad entre otras funciones.

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