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Professional Trade Economics with 13 years experience in companies with export and import volumes exceeding $ 13,000,000 annually. Management purchases, foreign trade and logistics. Administrative knowledge and exchange of Exports and Imports. Knowledge of customs rules and complementary. Processes Experience Zone, vallejo plan. Management of foreign exchange requirements. Experience with customers, suppliers, freight forwarders and customs brokers. Ability to negotiate with suppliers and customers. Management Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Access, Outlook). Import cost management, statistical reports, budgets. English 80%. Ability to work as a team and good interdepartmental communication capabilities. Good interpersonal relationship management. Excellent organization and willingness to solve problems. Ability to manage staff.
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En mi experiencia de 15 años en comercio internacional, he logrado organizar áreas y actividades en diferentes compañías.
Mi especialidad es desarrollar proyectos, realizar estudios de mercado y evaluar procesos.
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