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I started programming in pascal and c. The need to get money to pay my studies led me to web development. Learning new things constantly motivates me. I began to develop a strong attraction for responsive applications and that led me to javascript. I started looking at some frameworks, seeking to understand the differences and what benefits could bring me. Javascript increased my interest in dynamic languages​​, leading me to Python and Ruby.

Facing scalability issues, I took the opportunity to improve application performance visibility, seeking application monitoring solutions (like NewRelic and Application Insights) and distributed logging. Identifying where the bottlenecks were, I began to consider how best to structure a processing pipeline in order to provide information for multiple apps on a single request. During this period, I dedicated myself to study Azure Event Hubs, Azure Storage, the ELK Stack, Microservices and Message Queueing.

I write code and design stuff. Always trying to learn, improve and share knowledge.
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Software Engineer at Módulo Security Solutions
Software Engineer at Braspag
Software Engineer at Mercado Libre

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