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About me
A developer who has been engaged in development for many years with a team of 3-4 people. Agile development, using Jira for project management, and Confluence for documentation and information sharing.

Years of PHP development experience, proficient in WEB development and system maintenance, with the ability to independently develop projects.
Work history
Hello, my name is Chen Guanrong. I am currently a full-time web developer, mainly engaged in PHP development. The development direction is architect and full stack engineer.

Has been engaged in IT work, from the earliest hardware to software, from CMS to independent development, and has been engaged in independent research and development for 5 years +

The professional experience is as follows:

Early: HTML, DIV + CSS, JS, JQuery
Mid-term: Bootstrap, SEO, BLOG, Wordpress
Late: LNMP, PHP, Laravel
Learning now: Java Spring Boot

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