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Fernando F. M.

Coordenador de Sistemas at Agiplan

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I'm passionate for technology, people and process improvement. I really believe that things can be better when you love what you do.

I like to work with amazing people and hard challenges. So I found on agile practices a way to get things done and attend the real needs. That's the reason I'm a enthusiastic for Agile culture = people and challenges.

A very audacious person, I appreciate new challenges and different ideas to accomplish a mission.

- Experience as Systems Coordinator, management a range of projects
- Enthusiastic for work on Business Analysis
- Strong Leadership

- Business Analyst
- Classic and agile Project Management
- Agile Requirements Analisys
- Agile methodologies (Kanban + Scrum)
- Managing and writing User Stories
- Release Planning
- Manage team micro and macro activities
- Meet solutions for business by process analysis
- Software development process improvement
- System Analysis
- Requirement Management
- Function Point Analysis and Use Case Points
- Team leadership, RUP, Metrics Estimation, Intrapersonal Relationship, Teamwork Skills
- Ruby on Rails, CSS, SEO, PHP
Historia laboral
* Agiplan (Financial Services)

* Agiplan Serviços Financeiros LTDA (Financial Services) [desde 9/2012]

* SISNEMA (Computer Networking) [desde 6/2012]

* Stefanini IT Solutions - Dell (Information Technology and Services) [desde 7/2011]

* Qualità Informática Ltda. (Computer Software) [desde 5/2010]

* Software Warranty Informática (Program Development) [desde 8/2008]

* NTC Service (Computer Software) [desde 5/2007]

* Madtec Informática (Computer Hardware) [desde 4/2006]

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