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Qualifications Synthesis
•Career of more than 15 years developed in famous multinationals as Wartsila Brazil and El Paso Energy.

•Recognition per 10 years of persistence and devotion to UTE Mauá Block IV (Project Operadores de Energia of the Wartsila Brazil Ltda).

•Excellency in the performance of implantation activities of SGI System in the Project Operadores de Energia, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

•Experience with ERP systems implantation (Microssiga, RM Labore and RM Chronus).

•Experience with implantation and structured of small and huge port companies (multinationals) in Manaus.

•Experience as High Managements HR Intern Consulting, collaborating and guiding in the evaluation and development of a structure of human resources that is viable financially and compromised with the company businesses sustainability.
Historia laboral
* SIMAS ASSESSORIA ADM&RH: Advisor in the analysis and development of administrative proceedings and human resources.
Support the company to develop the following process: Department’s reorganization; Internal procedures; Recruitment and selection process; Training and development plain; Performance evaluation; Organizational climate research; Managers development program; Others related subjects.
Attend big companies. But the main focus are small/medium companies which are in growth at the market where they act.

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