Thales D. V.

Pharmacy undergraduate student

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As a Technician in Chemistry, I am very fond of science and technique. That on top of a genuine interest in understanding the world, us, and other living beings took me to study Pharmacy. I wanted not only to understand, but to change, to create, and to innovate, though. Thus, I found in scientific research a chance to bring together my love for plants and chemistry in the study of natural products.
Recently, I returned from a one year exchange in Dublin, Ireland, where I studied Medicinal Chemistry and did an Internship in porphyrin synthesis. Short while ago after a Medicinal Plants Symposium, I developed a special affection for unconventional edible plants and entrepreneurship. Now I am searching placements in industries to enhance my knowledge whilst stepping out of the comfort zone of the University. Looking forward, I see myself never stop studying, and I definitely will be doing a Masters or a PhD whenever it is possible, fortunately conciliating it with other activities, be it on Industry, Healthcare or running my own plant-based food business.
Historia laboral
I work as an independent private tutor since 2013. When fundamental and high school students need help with sciences and maths, it is me who they call. After I came back from Ireland, I am also offering English grinds. Nowadays I work with both punctual interventions and constant aid in studies.

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