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Maria A.

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Costa Rica

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Sobre mí
Hello, my name is Maria. I was raised in the warmth of the Central American isthmus but educated under the rigor of the North American demands.  A competent writer and avid reader, I have always sought to excel in communicating ideas through oral, written, and gestural speech. This has led me to pursue excellence in the treatment of other people, of myself, and my work. My philosophy, then, is to care, and doing so moves me to put my heart in everything I do. Thus, whether working alone or with clients, my goal is to serve, help, teach, and learn.
Historia laboral
I graduated from Seton School located  in Virginia, USA with a 3.5 GPA and 1800 SAT (720 Reading, 640 Writing, 530 Math).
I worked for Cigna Dental as a Customer Service Associate. I explained insurance benefits to dentists and dental technicians about their patient's coverage using the necessary technical jargon and knowledge for effective communication. I was responsible of managing and protecting sensitive and private information from the account's customers under HIPAA regulations.
With the knowledge gained previously, I worked my way as an international patient coordinator at the Costa Rica Dental Team. I lead English native speakers through their dental work and arrange for hotel and tourist visits for their stay at Costa Rica.
Philology student at Universidad Centroamericana de Centro America.

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