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Habilidades (Máximo: 3)
Sobre mí
•    18 years of system administrator experience managing server infrastructure and data-center operations across multiple platforms (Unix, Linux  and Windows environments) with hands-on expertise in networking, scripting, and systems integration
•    Excellent technical skills, with strong knowledge of current and emerging technologies.
•    Automate administrative tasks through scripting
•    Solid background in technical support, capacity planning, and security.
•    Experience with management teams
•    Support and Maintenance Systems UNIX ( HPUX /Solaris / AIX )
•    Planning and support FS / OS ( FreeBSD/OpenBSD , Gentoo , Debian , RHEL )
•    Experience in planning user authentication (LDAP,Radius,AD)
•    Expertise in Security
•    Administration HP Storages ( FC60 and EVA )
•    Staff training for use of Free Software
•    Telecommunications systems with moderate complexity
•    Database Administration Mysql Oracle PostgreSQL FireBird DB4
•    Hands-on  Load Balance e MySQL/Cluster e Heartbeat
•    Revision Control management (SVN/Git/Gitolite/GitWeb)
•    Network monitoring and infrastructure monitoring software application.
•    Virtual Infrastructure:: Vmware(Vsphere,Vmotion), Citrix, Qemu and KVM
Historia laboral
* Tribunal de Contas do Estado de Rondonia: Hired as a full-time IT Specialist, I am working on several projects in development area, and is responsible for managing Linux servers and Maintaining a Google search appliance, coreOS and Docker, and Planning a lot ideas about continuos deployment !!!

* Techworks Marine (Maritime): Hired as a full-time systems administrator following initial consulting role. Provide Windows/Unix/Linux administration, network operating center (NOC) administration, LAN/WAN/VPN administration, KVM and QEMU  administration, and intrusion detection and prevention (IDP) monitoring. Also manage FTP servers, AD/DNS, wireless access points and load balancers. Design and implement highly available (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions for clients and employer.

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