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About me
I have 15 years programming in differences language, but the last 6 years, I have builded a lot of diferent projects using java (JPA 2, EJB, Servlets, JSP, apache POI and +java libraries), javascript (easyui, kendoui), bootstrap, ajax, json, mysql(i have decided use mariadb from now), glassfish, netbeans.

I can work very quickly using a core web app that i have made with the last technology.

I would like to make career using elasticsearh, spark or another resources to work big data.
I have to start to work with android.
And I must but really must improve my English
Work history
Some of my work has public access, like:

Oficina Virtual de Hacienda:
Tesorería Virtual de Xalapa:

and I have made some projects about:

CFDI Portal for Veracruz Government:
A couple of point of sales multi branch office
System for managing payday
Quotes system chemical analysis
Data analysis system using google maps (frontend)
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