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About me
-    Front-End Designer UI/UX Skills.
-    Html / Css Coding, Page Layout and Interface Design Skills.
-    Html5 / Css3 Knowledge.
-    Usability Testing / Knowledge.
-    Identity & Branding Applications.
-    Publication & Catalog Design skills.
-    Strong Print Design and Layout Skills.
-    Excellent Graphic Art Direction Knowledge.
-    Strong 3D Design and Render Knowledge in Maya.
-    Strong Understanding of Brands and Branding.
-    Strong UI/UX, HTML, CSS, XML, and WCMS (Web Content Management) Skills.
-    Excellent Photography and Digital Media Skills.
-    Advanced Graphic Design, Commercial Publishing and Typography Skills.
-    Strong HTML and Mobile Web Design skills.
-    Excellent Adobe Creative Suite Knowledge.
-    Fast learner to new technologies.
-    Strong multitasking, organizational and analytical skills.
Work history
Company: Touer  Labs    2010-2013
Position: Creative Director
Period: January 2010 - Now
Joined forces with developers, copywriters, and creative directors to deliver high-quality graphics to clients in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment. Adapted to a small-scale agency by sharing several roles throughout the art department, including taking on occasional web development tasks. Designed web layouts and interacted directly with developers to create aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly websites.

- Visual Front-End UI/UX designer.
- Creative Director for all Design Projects.
- Explores variations of layouts, photographic composition.
- Html/Css Coding.
- Graphic artist responsible for the creative aspect of the company.
- Responsible for developing 3D models (interior rendering).

Company: VIGOEN E.U    2007-2011
Position: Creative Director
Period: June 2007 – March 2011
Collaborate with the creative manager and other the Graphic Designers in researching, conceptualizing, developing and executing the creative solutions: flyers, posters, 3D displays environments, ads, packaging  & labels.

- Creative Director for all Design Projects.
- Html/Css Coding.
- Coordinate all workflow for the agency.
- Visual Front-End UI/UX designer.
- Explores variations of layouts, photographic composition and treatments, typographic treatments, promotional language, colors, backgrounds, formats.
- Team Leader for the Advertising division of the company.
- Responsible for developing 3D models (interior rendering).
- Last word on all visual work to all outgoing designs to external companies.
- In charge of all computer equipment.
- Maintenance of the computer systems in the company.
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