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I've been working in information security, network, development and other IT areas for the last fifteen years. Currently working as a freelance consultant. I have knowledge in: Security, Pentesting, WebSecurity, Exploiting, International regulamentation like ISO27000, PCI and SOX, Linux, Networking and Development. My professional experience includes security network projects,linux and openbsd sysadmin, experience in webdevelop and experience in find vulnerabilities in applications special in webapps. Excellent oral and written communications skills including the ability to develop the best solutions.

Specialties: Server Architecture, Security Research, SysAdmin, Penetration Testing, Security Research
Historia laboral
* Cilia: I am responsible for maintaining and evolving all the infrastructure architecture using automation and configuration management.

Working With:
- Manage an AWS infrastructure
- Deploy a ruby infrastructure using puppet
- Working create some regulations of security
- Deploy and Use ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack, to analyze logs and business rules.

* OWASP: Responsible for the evangelization of security in web applications

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