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Work Experience:

2013-2014:     Dvloop - .Net Architect
Details:     Develop web platforms for YPF (Argentina’s Oil Company), using the following frameworks: EntityFramework, MVC4 Razor, Jquery, Linq, AngularJs, KnockoutJs, SqlServer, Oracle, javascript.
Develop a geo-location platform for tracking trucks, using the following frameworks: ExtJs, ServiceStack, MVC4, PosGis, PostGreSQL, Redis, Google API Maps.

2012-2013:     Atos - .Net Developer, Semi-Senior
Details:     Develop a web platform for YPF, achieved through the following technologies: EntityFramework, MVC3 Razor, Jquery, Linq, SignalR.
The project was completed ahead of schedule.

2006-2012:    Estudio Gallo - .Net Developer, Senior
Details:    Develop an online web platform for the Argentine stock-market.                     
Program an interface for banks (Finansur, Banco de Corrientes) to communicate through a web service with BanTotal.
Chronology:    2006-2007: Design and construction of the first version.
    2007-2008: Demonstration, installation, and technical support meetings.
    2008-2009: Design and construction of second version.
    2009-2010: Demonstration, installation, and technical support meetings.
    2010-Present: Development of third version.
Achievements: At the request of the client to diminish human error, I developed a Macro that not only resolved this issue, but also managed to save 83 hours of manual labor per month (almost 3 hours per day).
Another issue arose of how to store historical market prices, which I resolved by developing a program that downloads this information from Yahoo.

Technical Knowledge:

C#, VB, Javascript, Python, VPRO5, jQuery, ExtJs, AngularJs, KnockoutJs, Handlebars, Razor, jQueryTemplates, ServiceStack, MVC, Asp.Net, SignalR, EntityFramework, NodeJs, NHibernate, MySql, SQL-SERVER, Oracle, PostGreSQL, Redis, RavenDb, MongoDb.
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