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Mariano I.

Co-Founder at Workana

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Trips: Amazonia

Trips: Amazonia


Created: Feb 08, 2014

PHP Conference Argentina 2013

PHP Conference Argentina 2013


Created: Feb 08, 2014

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About me
Mariano started coding applications at the early age of 11, and has been working since then with a broad set of programming languages (including, but not limited to, C++, C, Node.js, Python, PHP, C#, Java, Visual Basic, Visual Fox Pro, Perl, and Delphi.) He has occupied management positions at different IT corporations. When he's not spending time coding the next big, buzz-word compliant application, he's enjoying sci-fi books, and spending time with his family.
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* Workana (Internet)

* CRICAVA Technologies (Computer Software)

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