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Diego fundó recientemente http://bagoftweets.com como también el sitio AEP http://heymamma.tienda (adaptive e-commerce platform)

Es un desarrollador de software apasionado por la escritura y el desarrollo de nuevas ideas.

Escribe sobre tecnología en tecniageek.com, viajes en novayas.com y curiosodades en inutilpedia.net
Historia laboral
* KIU System Solutions: I wrote the backup policy and archiving policy, developed the scripts that do the job and the python application used to do data search and retrieve from the backuped files.

The KIU client (a sort of cryptic terminal) connects to a service developed using python and twisted matrix. I've became the product owner and maintainer. Now, I'm the internal consultant of the team in charge of the application.

I've maintained the code and later rewrote the services that helds the SQL worker that every application in our ecosystem uses to interact with the DB.

Parsing REST-like service to convert back and forth from EDIFACT (an airline standard format) to internal or propietary XML representation for data processing.

I've created a multithread/process TCP framework for rapid networked applications development, which ended up used on almost every networking app in the company.

I have been involved as a Lead security developer into the PCI certification process, adapting the code review process to PCI standards. Lead the development team in charge to develop a secure credit card data storage application and a secure version of the batch file sender, mentioned earlier, to send encripted credit card data to the clearing oganization.
As a result on my involvement on PCI’s process I created the Project Life Cycle and Change Control policies along with its documentation templates.

I currently lead the team that's migrating every legacy application the company has from propietary protocols to an HTTP REST-like interface using nginx, green unicorn and flask.

* KIU System Solutions

* tecniageek.com: Founder, blogger, tech maintenance.

* novayas.com: CO-Founder, blogger, tech maintenance.

* tenesqueir.com: Writer, tech maintenance, blogger

* Radio LK: Guión, música, operación, edición de sonido programa Las Pornógrafas

* inutilpedia.net: Founder, blogger, tech maintenance.

* Independent: Ad Server design development and implementation.
Imaging software for http://amigosconderecho.sytes.net/
Twitter automation and measuring tools for @laspornografas / cranear.net
Twitter measuring tools and algorithms for buzzom.org

* cranear.net: Technical and content manager/developer. Writer.

http://www.cranear.net | Agencia de contenidos.

* KIU System Solutions: Python & C Language Networking Software Developer.
Credit card authorization and integration.

Developing a multiprotocol automated batch file sender application usign plugin-like technology to add new protocols without modifiying the application's core. Also, the app has the hability to serialize the files and protocol's configuration it uses to disk using a herarchical structure of directories and files (instead XML or JSON).

Analysis and development of a payment gateway with the hability to add new "validator" modules without restarting the service.

Created a small service that allows our DB engine to run stored procedures asynchronously.

Developed a mailing service that allows the core of KIU's main product to send emails with attachments and/or embedded images easily.

Messaging interface between two airline standard messaging format and KIU internal format (mostly stored procedures on a database).

Parser and formatter and sender of availability messages (remaining seats on a flight).

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