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Operations Director at Versão Beta

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Application Developer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in optimizing development and team management processes.
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* Versão Beta: Acting as a dynamic leader who can provide the leadership and direction necessary to engage and develop staff and procedures, manage costs, encourage innovation and cross-functional thinking whilst maintain excellence in the delivery of service to clients. A clear vision to accomplish company goals: 
• Highly efficient and effective manager with a sense of urgency, persistence and accountability to take action to drive results, 
• Gain the respect, credibility and confidence of senior management, customers, and peers through new ideas and creative solutions. 
• Demonstrate proficiency by managing a well-respected and successful team through continuous improvements, promote the can do attitude and challenge the status quo. 
• a creative thinker, dedicated, focused, and a resilient individual. 
• Focus to achieve high standards of performance with a track record to obtain excellent results under adverse situations while maintaining commitment to excellence. Comfortable working independently in rapidly changing environment. 
• Strong ability to motivate and inspire people. 
• Recognize gaps in existing processes, identify their root causes, develop and implement solutions.

* ZombieCorp: Helps maintain a number of open-source development projects and tries to push technology to it's limits whenever possible.
Currently maintaining a number of small sized projects ranging from private use systems to a number of published blogs and sites.

* Some reference Projects:
Examen Estado
Advanced PHP Test

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