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Fresco is a fully integrated marketing and technology company, with offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, providing all the services of a Marketing agency, and technology development.

We are focused on helping clients successfully implement strategy and technology solutions based on data driven.

Campaigns are fluid, dynamic, and accompanied by quantifiable results and our understanding of technology is enough to make your current agency quiver in fear.

If you want high-performance marketing, you’re in the right place. Our mission is lead the future of marketing.
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A closer relationships with tennis players offering industry-leading service
  Fresco has enabled Vilas Academy to integrate and manage information like player reservation data and customers coming from the internet and other numerous channels. Prior to Fresco, inquiry mails from players were handled through mailers designed for individual usage, which did not allow...Leer más

A tribute to creativity, culture and art
A tribute to creativity, culture and art
Created under the direction of Manuel Mas, boss of top class Finca La Anita winery and developed by fresco, we introduce Varua magazine. Designed to tribute the most finest world of culture and art, “Varua in the Polynesian languages is soul, spirit and dream, says Manuel Mas-, arising from...Leer más

From the silver screen to TV
From the silver screen to TV
INCAA TV is the movie television channel of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina, operated by Radio & Television Argentina. It was inaugurated on December 28, 2010 by for President Cristina...Leer más

A digital story of denim development
A digital story of denim development
Kosiuko grew out in Buenos Aires in the mid-90, as a home project to manufacture and sell clothing, but when Britney Spears appeared in his music video “Overprotected” with jeans Kosiuko, despite having nocontractual relationship with them, the business took off as a rocket. Federico...Leer más

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