Alejandro s. s. freelancer experto en Traducción al portugués, Traducción al Español, Propiedad Intelectual

Alejandro s. s.

Traduction and property manager

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Redacción y Traducción

Sobre mí
I am felxible and dinamic happy to work  and learn more and more about languages and vacation rental system they are my  two passions where i really can offer all my knowledge and experience ( more than  5 years)  working in traduction and managing some channel managers.
Historia laboral
Since 10/2012 until  08/2013  i worked in the international relationship department of Crustamar  improving our comercials relations with customers and providers .

Since 09/2013 until 12/2015 i have been working as responsable of Acorex´s export department.

Since 01/2016 until now i have been the director of an small enterprise as property manager using vacation rental system in diferents cities Barcelona, Paris, Rio de janeiro, LA.

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