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You can shoot a simple video by using your flip camera and upload it to You-Tube | ALL FOR FREE! OR You could award it to James Cameron to write, produce and direct your video! where you’d just be shy looking at a budget of billions of dollars, including marketing and Hollywood expenses.

Both tracks will take you to the same place? Resulting a finished video but you’d probably need Super Special Glasses to watch the most expensive Version.

The Good News is You Don't need to ask "How Much Does a Video Cost?" Unfortunately we can not answer this question! But what If you consider the time honored “$500 / minute” for a video as a starting point, that will give you a reasonable way of where to start in order to evaluate the video.
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Discovery & Strategy:
It all begins with taking the time to get to know you, your brand and your product or service inside and out. We discuss your vision to ensure we understand your target market and goals. We analyze your competition, find out what makes you unique in your industry, and create a plan of action that serves as a guide for the creative process.

Build & Implement:
Once you are happy with the artwork we can begin to build or implement the project. If we are working on a promo video we will turn the design into moving elements.

Design & Creative:
The part we love the most! This is the stage where we develop the concepts based on our initial strategy meeting. Our creative team works to bring your ideas to life. Once we have put all of the pieces together, we present the concept to you so that you have the opportunity to offer additional insight into how you would like the concept to communicate with your audience.

Manage & Grow:
Most people would say the job is finished after step three – not us! Once your Video goes live, we will monitor its performance and offer advice and adjustments to content, etc. as the market rolls in to ensure that your video is reaching its full potential.

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