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I work for the same company since i started my career. As this company uses the development team as support for the Knowledge Management that is the core business, i went through many challenges creating products that fulfill the need of the customers.

Throughout this period, besides the daily work, i contribute to cross-functional teams in the development of freelance projects, it helped to increase my experience in teamwork, and improve programming techniques.

I am familiar with programming logic and architectural structure of both, languages ​​and operating systems, so, no matter the platform or language, give me some time and I'll understand it and create cool stuff.

I am also a fan of documentation, such as an employee of a knowledge management company, i really understand the importance of sharing knowledge through comprehensive models.

I can no longer work without the use of quality tools, at least one version control has to be part of my development process. Also have knowledge of the use of project management methodologies and continuous integration.

You can see my folio here:
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I had a rapid rise through the ranks of the company, I am consulted on several critical moments for important suggestions. I enjoy working in teams and dictate the start of projects, choosing technologies and preparing libraries. I have contacted several tools and languages ​​during my career in this company, such as mobile platforms, desktop applications multiplatform, web cross-browser softwares, and more.

To ensure extra money, participate in innovative projects and increase my network of contacts, the freelances rendered me much. From international projects for forest management in Canada, to mobile applications to track orders in restaurants, i always cherish the delivery and quality service that does not tie the client, i try to deliver what was asked, leaving the option of renewal as a choice, if I have done a good job.
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