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Hi I'm Rodrigo, I'm a online marketer expert and I help businesses all over the world to increase their sales and leads online.




I know how hard it can be to get new clients and opportunities every day, and not all of them are good ones. I can help you out to figure out which are the best clients for you and help you get them. An ideal client is someone who you like, has a lot of money and it's willing to invest in you.

Imagine how much less stress you will have if you can get just the clients you want, the ones who value your work, the ones you can have meaningful long time relationships with (in business and in life), and how much more money you can get from them when they actually value what you do and see you as an investment and not a cost.

You can improve your revenue by working less and with clients who you will be able to take for a dinner or some drinks as good friends. I can help you with that, using laser focused marketing online.



Facebook: /RodrigoFlamencoU
Twitter: @RodrigoFlamenco
Instagram: @RodrigoeFlamenco
Snapchat: RodrigoFlamenco
Youtube: /TakeRightAction
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* Frame Freak Studio (Animation): Frame Freak Studio is a Cartoons & Animation Studio which is starting to make waves in the industry in Latin America. I'm in charge of the whole marketing strategy and also to get interviews with amazing people in the animation industry world wide to learn from the best in the world.

Watch Our Website:

* Take Right Action: This is a blog to help people all over the world to start or improve their own businesses, and to inspire others to start the path on entrepreneurship. The blog has been featured in many sites and landed many speaking gigs in entrepreneurial events such as Startup Weekend and Campus Party.

* Epic Web Studio (Marketing and Advertising): Epic Web Studio is a Digital Agency focused on online marketing who helps businesses to get better results online all over the world.



We analyze your competitors, small, medium and big, we see what are they doing right and wrong, and then we create a website that will be much better than you biggest competitor and also, make sure that you position yourself as the authority figure making you more sales.

Also everybody is using portable devices to navigate the internet, so it's important that your website looks awesome in every platform. By making it responsive you make sure that the site will adapt to every device, looking good everywhere and making you sales everywhere.


There is a lot of proof that people prefer videos to understand what you do, and they also bring up to 400% more sales We can help you to create a video that's going to bring you more sales or leads for your website and your social media networks while educating the customers about your services and products.


Facebook is the #1 platform for direct sales with the most detailed data in the world (for now) and it's the best way to reach exactly the people that you want to reach without losing a cent on people who are not your target market. With the right targeting you can reach thousands of your ideal clients really fast and using other social media channels to increase the quality of your conversations with them.


This is not a service that everybody needs, but for the ones who do, doing and marketing a great app can make a huge difference. We created a game for Citi Bank so people passing in a mall would be able to play and win many prizes (small and big ones). By doing this the bank was able to collect the data of many possible customers and converting them into clients of the bank when they came to collect their prizes.

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