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About me
Application Developer mainly in tune with Web technologies in a variety of scripting and programming languages. New and quick challenges or build new and improve constantly are two of my main interests.
More inclined to be a "Jack-of-all-trades" do all in a wide range of skills than a fixed specialist in a single narrow technology.

Current Experience:
Specialties: Web Developing, User Interface, Application Analysis
Programming Languages:  PHP 4.3+/PHP 5.x, ASP,  HTML(4.1/5), XML, XHTML, JavaScript, JQuery,  CSS3;
Framework Development: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress
Services/Tools: Amazon Web Services, Git(gitHub, Bitbucket), Teamwork.com, Basecamp.com, Freshbooks.com, Trello.com

Past Experience:
Programming: PERL, Python, ASP.NET(VB / C#), Prototype, Mootools, Java, VBA, VBasic;
Framework Development: Joomla, Yii, Outsystems
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PHP5 Test 2013 75% 76% Passed
Work history
* RW Interactive (Information Technology and Services): Since 2012 I started my own business. I created my own business plan, fully endorsed by the portuguese government, under the initiative for self-employment.

In spite of part of the business plan met some dangerous grounds upon market entry (which business plan is perfectly successful ? :D ), I managed to swivel into a prospecting niche working as a consultant, as I did before so many years.

I am not yet rich (far from it!) but I have managed to secure myself and I am learning a lot on the way. It's better to be resourceful than to have a lot of resources :D.
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