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Freelancer Gustav.

"100% recomendado freelancer muy comprometido en el trabajo a resolver proponiendo nuevas soluciones a los requerimientos ya planteados"

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Programador Nodejs y Mongo

Freelancer Gustav.

"El trabajo con kellerman ha sido sumamente flexible trabajando en horarios de madrugadas, pero sumamente profesional y comprometido con el trabajo, no se necesita estar haciendo seguimiento, el mismo da avances contrastables cada dia utilizando conjuntamente github, 100% recomendado."

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Bakend developer

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"Fue un excelente trabajo, la comunicación super fluida 100% recomendado"

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Sobre mí
I'm .NET Software Developer (C#), my main responsability is to encourage the team (in partner with Software Architect) to accomplish the organization goal using the best methods and techniques in order to build high quality software.

Using agile (or fast-lightweight-agile) methodologies we can create and deliver great IT solutions. The process is guided by S.O.L.I.D principles and more advanced concepts like TDD, BDD or DDD.

Technologies / Frameworks used:

* Microsoft Web Stack (MVC, WebAPI, SignalR)
* Azure Cloud (Tables, Blobs, Service Bus, Queues)
* For TDD: xUnit, Moq, Autofixture, Effort.
* ORMs: NHibernate, EntityFramework.

Architecture patterns:

* MVVM (For Web UI / Native UI Development).

Non .NET:

* Nodejs
* Bash scripting.

Related interests fields:

** Chess Programming Theory.
** InfoSec
** IA.

More about me: @riverokellerman (Twitter)
Historia laboral
* Leadbox Inc (Servicios y tecnología de la información): I deliver and build quality products using the ASP.NET Stack. My main responsibilities involve use ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebAPI to build highly maintainable solutions on top of other technologies like AngularJS, while allows our company to have great flexibility in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

I drive the team to using best practices and principles to build software in order to guarantee the escalability, maintainability and flexibility. I push the team forward to implement new technologies to simplify our business process, so we can focus on write high quality software.

I work together with our Solutions Architect to choose the better software implementations without forget the fact we are focused on the business-driven development.

* LeadBox Inc (Servicios y tecnología de la información): The primary function of an R&D group is to develop new product or discover and create new knowledge about scientific and technological topics for the purpose of uncovering and enabling development of valuable new products, processes, and services

* LeadBox Inc (Servicios y tecnología de la información): Software Developer , SocialCRM
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