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Marcio E.

CEO da MExCORP Tecnologia

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Developer of systems and sites in PHP, administrator of the MySQL database, PosgreSQL.

During my work period that began in 1990, absorbed a lot of experience in public service, inventory control, customer service in general.

Classes taught in computer courses for companies such as: Databyte, SOS Computer Microlins, IBTA, Senac, ACR, and other experiences within companies.

Lectured for Windows, Office, MySQL, PHP, Java, Linux, excluding special classes for children and seniors.

Among other experiences, I can also cite the speech of radio spots and creation of vignettes for radio, creating layouts and artworks.
Historia laboral
* Fundação Bradesco (Education Management)

* InfoSERVER (Information Technology and Services): Condução de aulas de C#; Microsoft Office; Excel Avançado; SQL; Java

* MExCORP Tecnologia (Internet)

* MExCORP Tecnologia (Internet): Development of systems for Internet, hosting, website development, portals, PC maintenance, network installation.

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