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My job as a Multimedia Designer is to analyze a concept and develop a digital image for it.
In order to get my work done, I must investigate which media is the best way to make a representation of it.
In the matter of my own learning process, I’m always interested in mastering new technologies and develop new good practice techniques in order to optimize my job level. Once I compromise to learn a new technology, I keep up the learning process to get a high level knowledge and reach a great integration with the rest of my skills.
My compromise level is one of the high point on my work philosophy. For me, is equality important job level and accomplish goals and terms.
Historia laboral
I'm currently working as a freelance Web Designer in Alus Creativos studio. My Job as designer in the company is to develop JPEG web samples and let the client to pick one. Depending on client’s choice, we start to develop the website starting from scratch using HTML, CSS and Javascript, or using a CSM (Wordpress, Opencart, Magento, Joomla).
In the final stage of the job, I must qualify the client to manage is own content.
Projects who need basic level design are the ones who let me to embody my skills and get the best results.
Once I have made a graphic image of the concept, I can dive into my expertise field: Web Design and Developing. I’m offering a two levels combination: On one side, I resolve the esthetic design of the website using graphics software and web-orientated languages. On the other side, I develop the front side programing and a big part of back-end modules.
Yes, it is great for me to develop a project starting with a basic level. But, what about team work? The fact that I manage both design and development technologies, allows me to integrate fast and effectively in a team. This is because I have a deep understanding about my role inside the team and other members role.
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