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My purpose, "Making communication easier", so that knowledge could be propagate everywhere. Through translations that interrelation is possible and that means not only spreading concepts and ideas but also sharing them and going further. Texts, legal documents, news, discoveries, feelings, impressions, technology, experiences and definitely everything cheer us up as well as help people to advance. Words give us wisdom and erudition. We have to adapt to new society and communicate.

Translated documents: documentary credit, mortgage deed, insurance policies, life insurances, auto insurances, general rules and regulations, purchase-sale contract, lease contract, contracts of employment, last will and testaments, birth certificates, academic records, identity documents, bank statements.
Historia laboral
* Freelance (Translation and Localization): Professional translations from English, French and Spanish into Catalan. Sworn translator in the language combinations English and Spanish into Catalan. Daily output 1.000 to 1.500 word per day with the highest accuracy.

* General Optica (Retail): Expert in fitting all kind of contact lenses; toric, soft and GP multifocal lenses.
Prescription of selective filters.

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