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Liz P.

Associate Degree in Tourism Company

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Sobre mí
I'm a professional in Tourism area with a diverse and wide career in sales channels, customer service, administrative area, tranlations (span - ing - span) and teaching.
Historia laboral
                            English Teacher
                                        - English classes for Primary School children (6-8 years).
                                        - Adequate treatment of levels diversity in the classroom.
                                          - Development of extracurricular reinforcement classes.
                                          - Excellent interaction with students.
                                            - Good management in classes’ discipline.
                                            - Dynamic teaching.
                                            - Adequate treatment of levels diversity in the classroom.
                                            - Good interaction with parents.
                                            - Flexible schedule.

02/2014 – 03/2015    CENTRE CATALA DE CARACAS
                            Bilingual Administrative Assistant
                                        - Telephone Support.
                                        - Customers and Visits Reception.
                                          - Provider Support.
                                          - Request and Handling of Current Accounts.
                                          - Daily operation's assistance in: Inputs Control, Invoicing and Cash Management.
                                            - Carry out corporate procedures regarding the purchase and reservations of air tickets and / or
                                              employee stays, itineraries in general.
                                            - Take control of general and confidential files.
                                            - Schedule, interviews and requests appointments.
                                            - Write and transcribe correspondence, reports, memos, trades and miscellaneous documents.

07/2011 – 09/2011    KAPLAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE (Dublín)
                            Residential Warden
                                        - Receive direct instructions from the Coordination of University Homes.
                                        - Give attention to beneficiaries students.
                                          - Coordinate and supervise the tasks that correspond to the employees who work in the university residence.
                                            - Plan and maintain the administrative order regarding suppliers.
                                            - Develop and maintain the residence's inventory.
                                              - Keep Inform the Coordination about the needs of the residence for its correct functioning.
                                              - Check in / out of students.

07/2010 – 04/2011    CENTRE CATALA DE CARACAS
                                      Customer Service Analyst / Collection Analyst
                                      - Telephone and mail support, providing answers to queries, complaints and
                                        - Issue reports of relevant information.
                                        - Analyze, manage and communicate complaints.
                                          - Train customers in new management tools.
                                          - Review, sort and relate invoices and checks requests.
                                            - Prepare and process payable accounts and wire transfers.
                                            - Communicate with salespeople and handle concerns.

11/2006 – 12/2008    AVIOR AIRLINES C.A
                                      Business Agent (Commercial, sales and business)
                                      - Telephone and email support, providing response to travel agencies and customers for tickets
                                          reservations and purchases.
                                        - Service center, sale and change of itineraries.
                                        - Coordinate monthly and annual sales charts.
                                          - Coordination of small cash and credit cards.

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