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Tenho 34 anos de experiência profissional em diferentes segmentos, 12 anos em R.H. de um dos maiores produtores de açúcar e álcool do Brasil e outros 13 anos como Gerente Comercial (Home Care) / Gerente Vendas (Cirúrgica e Equip. Médicos e Odontológicos),  Consultor Comercial de Manutenção Mecânica automotiva Pesada, para Mineradoras e Usinas de Açúcar e Etanol de SP, MG e GO, coloco-me a disposição imediata para qualquer Estado ou Cidade.
I have 34 years of professional experience in different segments, 12 years in HR one of the largest producers of sugar and ethanol in Brazil and another 13 years as Commercial Manager (Home Care) / Sales Manager (Surgical & Equip. Medical and Dental), Sales Consultant Maintenance automotive Mechanical Heavy, for Mining and Sugar Mills and ethanol SP, MG and GO, I set myself the immediate disposal for any State or City.
Historia laboral
* Corporate and Executive Education: "Intrapreneurs are those who bear the responsibility for innovation within an organization"​

Let's make it happen! You agree that "we can not wait out the storm, we have to learn to work in the rain,"​ as Pete Silas President of Phillips Petroleum?

For a large part of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs are "agitators"​ until
even "subversive"​ people uneasy. Such an assessment has to a certain reason: they hardly limited to execute projects within given coordinates; usually suggest opportunities never before contemplated, as a rule are rational, they run calculated risks and face challenges.

The manager looks like the company is, the intrapreneur looks like it should be.

Intrapreneurs are entrepreneurs who work within an organization, turning dreams into solutions, business ideas and goals into results.

Thus, they generate impactful solutions for the organization. Henry Ford has the prestige, when he said: "There are two types of employees that are good for my company: those who do not do what is ordered and those who only do what you send."

* "(Gyro Gearloose)" Experience in developing and inventing improvement products, and descriptive reco: Experience in developing and inventing improvement products, to develop a product or a powerful brand, does not require a "great team". They need "Alegre Engineering", "Engineering child" and etc ... Many companies employ extremely intelligent people many of them are for having good academic background, however, few people have the great pleasure of truly knowing pundits that many often not even heard of pencil or rubber, with innovations of ideas and inventions, that stirs up with the abstract, with the unreal, with the imaginable, with the deepest and sincere feeling of a being. Reaches insensitive, it touches the heart of apathetic ...

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