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I'm a  financial controller. I like to implement new methodologies towards optimizing processes. I think we should communicate with others and focusing on results. To motivate a team is the most pleasing action and the more difficult, but we must remember that we work with people and feelings, not machines. Each person brings value to the team.
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* Outsource Software, C.A. (Management Consulting): - Responsibilities: Plan, organize and direct administrative and accounting processes to ensure compliance with plans and projects and maintaining quality of service, based on financial rules and obligations. Control and monitoring of Annual Budget, weekly Cash Flow and Financial KPI's. Management of Treasury. Notify and report to the Financial Director concerning any trends that are critical to the organization's financial performance.  Additionally, maintaining the infrastructure (Office Building) of the company in good shape and negotiate with providers advantage terms.
- Achieve: Recruit, organize, train and manage staff. Documentation of administrative processes. Implementing a culture of cost savings. Development tools for cash flow. Formalization of taxes duties. Strengthening of the procurement area.
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