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I am a 23 years old professional, with a degree in International Business Management and 1 year experience as a freelance worker. I've been providing my services to family and friends' companies, in several tasks such as: business planning and market research, social networking, writing and translating contents for websites in Spanish and English, and as speaker for workteams on leadership and law of attraction. I am just starting to look for opportunities on-line, and I hope you can trust in my skills, since my main interest is to build a strong reputation within this website.

I believe that freedom is the most precious gift we have, and that is why I'm a freelance worker. Managing my time and choosing jobs and tasks according to my skills, makes me feel free and do it with love and enthusiasm. I am willing to give my best to meet your requirements, as my philosophy is doing things well, or better not doing them. My calling is to help others, and sincere gratitude is the best yo could give me.

I am currently working in order to capitalize my ideas, and start my own business. I wish to become a client someday, for helping many people by offering them freelance jobs.
Historia laboral
*Company Name: Happy Arte Personalizado
*Contact: happyartepersonalizado@hotmail.com
*Project: Bussiness Plan and Market Research

*Company Name: JMB Creaciones
*Contact: gerencia@jmbcreaciones.com (spanish only)
*Project: Magic Opener - Content Writing and Translation
*Website: http://goeasyopener.com/index.html

*Company Name: MerkatOnline Colombia
*Contact: documentoscolombia@merkatonline.com (spanish only)
*Project: Live training in law of attraction (on-line conference room)
*Website: http://merkatonline.com

*Company Name: Happy Arte Personalizado
*Contact: happyartepersonalizado@hotmail.com
*Project: Social Networking and Community Network Manager
*Website: https://www.facebook.com/happyartepersonalizado

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