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- Management of Industrial, Building, and Data Center Maintenance Processes
- Industrial Projects and Construction management and building and industrial reforms
- Management of electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, civil and project maintenance teams
- Resource Management, budget, physical-financial control of works and production
- Work Safety Risks Management
- Development and training of teams, coaching and technical training of employees
- Development of Electric Reports, Grounding, NBR5410, NR10 and SPDA
- Elaboration of PPRAs, LTCATs, PCMATs
- Training NRs 35, 33, 10, 18.
- Power Quality Analysis, Demand Charges, Electrical Filters.
- Electrical Distribution Projects, Electric Panels, CCTV, Alarm, SPDA, Grounding
- Expansion of Production Lines, Automation and Sizing
- Coordination and Selectivity of Electrical Protection Systems
- Knowledge in Kaizen, TPM and Kanban
Historia laboral
* ByWire (Tecnologia da informação e serviços): - Implementation of optical fiber design and high performance networks.
- Implementation of project "Advanced Manufacturing 2020" - Monsanto do Brasil
- Data Center Expansion

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