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I have had the opportunity to work on projects implementing Google Analytics for different types of clients. Ecommerce Sites, Content, Yellow Pages, Retailers, Travel Agencies working in conjunction with IT teams as well as commercial or marketing.
I have experience developing SEO strategies, from site auditing, competition analysis, search and opportunities in Search Organic and carrying content strategies to increase traffic.

My bases are in Javascript intermediate level, jQuery and with Language R
My Blog is oscariyanez.com
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Web Analytics Consultant
Company NameRoyal Cyber Inc.
Dates EmployedMay 2016 – Present  Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo
Colaborate in website WorlWide projects as a measurement and analytics expert, identifying reporting requirements and analyzing post-launch metrics.    
Analysis to discover underperforming areas of websites to identify opportunities to improve site performance.

My Roll is to work together different client departments since Technical until Decision Makers in order to have better understanding of the project'S needs and along with RC Analytics Team develop a better measurement plan involving all their Analytics Tools, Google Analytics, GTM and IBM Tealeaf.

SEO and Web Analytics Consultant
Company NameRelevant Traffic
Dates EmployedNov 2014 – Present  Employment Duration2 yrs 7 mos
LocationMexico City Area, Mexico
Relevant traffic is a digital advertising agency focused on large accounts. I have had the opportunity to learn more about advertising on search engines optimization and developing measurement models under Google Analytics and GTM by performing the following activities.

Development of SEO strategies under the followings concepts.

- Audit SEO onpage from the analysis. Checking form the sever responses, content and indexing of the site
- Analysis of backlink profile. identifying opportunities based on keywords potential for business' and long tail terms
- Development of publishing guide following good practices of search engines.
- Benchmarking SEO. detecting strengths and weaknesses of organic competitors.
- Training SEO and Analyics for customers. Looking explain and understand the Keys before to launch the SEO campaigns

Audit ASO in the main apps stores (Google Play, Apple Store) for several of our clientes.

Design the analytics model for ecommerce sites. Based on the newest enhanced ecommerce implementation by Google tag Manager (GMT).

Created an excel database with the objective to generate business dashboards for our clients.

Magestic SEO, SEM Rush, Google Analytics Webmaster tools, Scrapebox, Google Tag Manager

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