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CORPORACION D. S. L. L. Diseño logo corporativo 3 years ago
Alexander V. diseno grafico 3 years ago +

"Me gusto mucho el Trabajo, Profecional y puntual, seguire con mas proyectos.
Muchas gracias Flor."

Pablo C. L. Distintivos Uniforme 3 years ago +
About me
I´m 30 years old and I was born in Argentina.

I studied creativity at "Underground Argentina" and at "Escuela superior de Creativos Publicitarios". I also took several photography, drawing and graphic design courses. 
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Computer Skills Test 2014 60% 37% Passed
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Test 2014 70% 77% Passed
Work history
I started my career at a merchandising company as a graphic designer, where I worked for more than four years. In 2007 I joined the advertising agency "Tribu Creativa" as an art director and in 2008 I joined "Young and Rubicam Argentina" where I worked for 3 years as a Creative Art Director. Today, I am working for MTV Networks as Creative Designer for MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central Latin America.
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