Annie F. freelancer experto en Ortografía, Microsoft Office, Adobe Illustrator

Annie F.

Excelentes resultados en tiempo y forma.

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Marketing Digital

Sobre mí
Lic. en Marketing, Titulada.
Experiencia presencial de mas de 5 años en Product Development & Marketing.
Excelente ortografía.
Organizada y responsable.
Compromiso por entrega en fecha indicada.
Creativa y original.
Gusto por atención y servicio al cliente.
Amable y sonriente.
Historia laboral
FURIA Design and External Publicity
General Adm. Manager
dic 2015 - julio 2016
•    Sales and General Administration
•    Advertising on-line, Community Manager.

CAROLA OLÉ Art & Dance Punta Cana    
Marketing Manager and Art Director
july 2015 – nov 2015 Rep. Dom. – Punta Cana
•    Internal Comunication.
•    Advertising material printed and on-line.
•    Community Management (Social Media)
•    Public Relations and Corporate Business.
•    Producction in Special Events and Shows.

Art Director.
•    Creating child training platform for students from 1-14 years in Arts and Crafts, Multicultural.
•    Early stimulation.
•    Customized workshops to assist children with special needs.

Administrator and Customer Service Sup. – july 2014 –may 2015 Rep. Dom. – Punta Cana
•    Customer Service (bilingual).
•    Quotation and new customer’s personal service.
•    Corporative assistance.
•    Bills and Special quotations. Promotions and special prices.
•    Tabulated cash and Budget management.
•    National and international shipments. Customs management to free packages from Miami PO Boxes to RD.
•    Advertisement local strategies. Seasonal sales and Anniversary promotions.
•    Staff coordination, delivery and shipping personal suppliers coordination.
•    Payroll administration and payments to suppliers.

Product Manager (Marketing) – dec 2011 - may 2014 Mexico
•    New product development.
•    Product manager in paper and school products. Core bussiness.
•    Marketing strategies in 4 categories (Visual comunication and boards, Desktop accesories, Staples and punches, Technology by Kensington Brand).
•    Launching strategies, refresh and active product improvements.
•    Product development with USA partners and with Asian suppliers.
•    Product searching at international Expos.
•    Sell in and sell out strategies in different sales channels.
•    BTL and ATL materials, purchase of POP material. Working in tándem with advertising and media agencies.
•    Prices strategies. special prices, discounts, seasonal prices.
•    Launching, corporative presentations (Retail, institutional sales, goberment specials, wholesale sales)
•    Export strategies Centro and Sudamerica customers.
•    Inventory management.
•    Out strategies with discontinued product.
•    Launching events, public relations and promotional events. Expos, presentations, customer trainings and sales trainings.
•    Sales convention events.
•    Internal comunication, corporative events and integration events with customers and sales team.

Product Manager – feb 2008 - aug 2011 Mexico
•    Brand development and product innovation.
•    3 product lines coordiantor in kitchen tools. (Profesional aluminium line, Stainless Steel line by Vasconia, single aluminium and cast aluminium by  Ekco and Steamers).
•    Product selection in US partners to department stores by premium brands  Kitchen Aid, Náutica, Regal.
•    Great value proposals to Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro, Best Buy, Sears. Special products to luxury sales.
•    Business with national and with international supliers.
•    Forecast by month. Inventory control.
•    Sales training and new product internal launching.
•    New product development, offers and promotions in team with Trade MKT department (POP material y exhibition strategies). Cross selling and strategic alliances.
•    Prices management by sales cannel. Public prices, costs and gross margins.
•    Sales Budget by product line. Gross margin budget by product line.

Special Events Coordinator – nov 2007 - feb 2008 Mexico
•    Corporative events development, Suppliers Expo at Hipódromo de las Américas (5000 people).
•    Logistics, Special events by department, partners and suppliers. New products launching and store openings. Fashion events (by Suburbia).
•    Staff coordination by event.
•    Quotations and purchases.
•    Staff supervisor in special events (around 150 people).

Marketing Assistance (Social service) – mar 2006 - july 2006 Mexico
•    Telemarketing, Quality polls to Imaje machines.
•    Customer service, Prospecting by internet and by phone with data base.
•    Presentations development.
•    Mailings.
•    Web page, public relations, customer presentations.
•    Expos (Expo Pack).

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