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Jose D. H. B.

Sustainable Chemical Processes

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Passionate, creative and proactive man with experience training people about research methodologies and vast knowledge for developing high-impact research which has been acquired during academic and professional experience. Capacity for learning by doing, win-win thinking, ability for resolving problems and resilience for overcome obstacles. Proficiency in:

1. Research methodologies
2. Corporate finance
3. Project management
4. Computer skills (Python, C++, R, Fortran, Matlab, Microsoft Office, LaTeX)
5. Assessment of products, processes and enterprises sustainability
6. Development of safer products and processes
Historia laboral
Postgraduate Researcher (Group: Science & Technology of Materials) at Universidad Nacional de Colombia
May, 2016 - Present
1. Develop a mathematical model and a simulation of hot-dip galvanizing process
2. Identified critical points for improving hot-dip galvanizing sustainability
3. Plan a research strategies for finding suitable tools to resolve problems for multi-objective decision-
making, assessment of manufacturing processes sustainability and techniques for process
mathematical modelling

Graduate Academic Tutor Project Engineering Seminar at Universidad Nacional de Colombia
August, 2017 - November, 2017
1. Prepare educative material about the different topics of subject.
2. Advice students in the development of theirs projects
3. Grade projects and give feedback to students

Professor of Research Methodology at Institución Universitaria Esumer
February, 2017 - June, 2017
1, Train students of Business Management Program/Commercial & Marketing Management about research in economical and administrative sciences
2. Develop teaching and assessment tools for the subject
3. Correspond with students and coordinators of each academic program
4. Grade activities, final projects and tests

Professor of Mechanical Physics Lab at Universidad Nacional de Colombia
January, 2017 - May, 2017
1. Prepare the Mechanical Physics theory for each laboratory practice
2. Teach the educative material and advice students about it
3. Grade both quizzes and laboratory reports

Professor of Vector Analysis and Analytic Geometry at Universidad Nacional de Colombia
August, 2016 - November, 2016
1. Prepare Analytical and Vector Geometry lectures
2. Advice students about strategies to resolve subject's problem
3. Grade exams of my assigned group

Undergraduate Researcher (Group: Science & Technology of Materials) at Universidad Nacional de Colombia
June, 2014 - January, 2016
1. Develop a modeling and simulation of adaptive Immune response within Para-cortex, Lymph Node
2. Handle academics articles for finding useful tools for the project development
3. Implement advanced simulation techniques
4. Correspond with adviser and co-workers

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