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Linkedin profile: http://linkedin.com/in/facundo-benavides
Strategic and creative Argentinian Marketing professional dedicated to stand out and make a difference at every objective related to his passion, Digital Marketing. Integral thinker, devoted to learn from each possible source related focusing his life on having a work experience from every area (Media agency, Digital Marketing agency, Mass Consumption Marketing depart., Entrepreneur) and different studies; living by the knowledge that to optimize a business working one side is not enough, integral working in every little area that can possibly affect the business is fundamental, much more in an online campaign where the performance of a banner is not only related to the attractive design, but also to a correct Key Word segmentation, alignment with users interests, moment and place where it is displayed, adaptation to different equipment (tablets, smartphones, etc.), past interactions with the brand, landing page design, landing page alignment with the message in banner, etc.
Always looking to learn from others but self-dependent worker with natural social-skills, looking for a place where to dedicate his full attention and apply the knowledge obtained to develop, execute and analyze digital strategies.
Historia laboral
* Integral Digital Marketing - Consultant
Focused on identifying the real potential clients of each business and their interests to determine an optimized approach and brand image:
•Website Optimization focusing on user usability, esthetic and message displayed by the company;
•Improvement of visualization and positioning in search engines by the focus on every detail and the latest S.E.O algorithm updates (image alt tags, Key Words, Meta Title and Description tags, internal and external link building, engagement on digital presence, mobile usability, etc);
•Targeted advertisement (Google Adwords and Facebook Ads) and S.E.M. by the use of hyper-segmentation and Key Words to show personalized advertisement to different types of clients;
•Development of strategy for Social Media, content elaboration and publishing;
•User analysis before, during and after each action.
Achievement: Comprehension and optimization of different kind of businesses.

* ATyM (Arreglamos Todo y Más) - Self-managed business
Co-Founder – Communication and customer loyalty (Community Manager & offline communication).
Achievement: Development of team management skills and empathy for the clients.

* GlaxoSmithKline
Mass Consumption Marketing department (Alikal, Uvasal, Ibuevanol, Niquitin and Respira Mejor).
•Market Research and Intern data analysis (qualitative and quantitative);
•Reports elaboration (Brand, Category y General Managers);
•Market’s demand forecast for next five years open by month (program: SAP - ModCF);
•Participation in creative groups for communication campaigns;
•Personnel training;
•Art changes process’s control.
Achievements: Complete redesign of Alikal’s Web Page; Skin Care’s competition strategic Digital Marketing analysis; Creation of a Digital strategy for Uvasal changing clients buying it as a solution to a problem (if they have energy and time) to buy it as a prevention before the problem occurs.
Reference: Gabriel Muscia (Product Manager); Juan Katz (Global Product Manager). Contact number: 4725-8900.

* MRM Worldwide
Content Analyst and Developer - client General Motors.
•Load content in the client’s web pages (projects in the U.S., Mexico and Brazil) using Adobe CQ5 (development and modification of web pages);
•CRM via telephone and E-mail (mostly in English).
Achievement: Comprehension of the tools and mentality needed in the creation of websites.
Reference: Joaquín Soraide (Content Leader). Contact number: 15-6047-4655.

* Private tutor
Mathematics and Physics.

* Havas Media
Purchasing department - client: The Coca-Cola Co.
•Conduct emissions and publications pre-management schedules, controls and certifications;
•Coordinate material circulation between the Medias, creative agency and/or production;
•Reserve advertising space;
•CRM via telephone and E-mail.
Achievement: Explore the importance of clients-relationships management in a service business.
Reference: Sebastian Garay (Manager). Contact number: 5777-7400.

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