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Hector I. O.

Perl expert and full stack SOA developer.

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I have 20+ years of experience programming the whole spectrum of web technologies. Recently I've been working with these ones: 

Bash, Perl, Cron, XML and C++ for web scraping, ETL, feed processing and server automation. Mysql, PDO and DBI for databases. PHP, Java, XML and JSON for web services and old-fashioned web pages. Javascript, CSS3 and HTML5 for SOA web development. Ionic/AngularJS and Jquery Mobile/Cordova for Android and IOS hybrid app creation.

I also have experience and certifications on some other topics, but for some years now I work mostly on Linux and the technologies mentioned above. I can build from small web pages all the way up to high performance, high availabiliy multi-tier, multi-level cluster systems with load balancing and virtual and real pizza box machines.
Historia laboral
Description: As a consultant, I have been working in high-level but small projects and consulting involving Information Technologies. These projects include IT infrastructure management, data center planning and operational design, internet presence, e-business and computer security, among others.
Responsibilities: Project Management, solutions architecture, training and consulting.
Tech Remarkable: I made a bookstore web store. The interesting fact is that I programmed it from scratch as a full SOA solution, using javascript/jquery, php for json web services, sql, perl and bash. The catalog is relatively small (1.3 million books) but the data feed system is fully automated, getting files from suppliers ftp servers, donwloading others from https servers, processing them in several standard and prorietary formats, consolidating them using a complex algorithm and doing some integrity checking and data normalisation.
Skills: Project management, interpersonal communication, negotiation, datacenter architecture and configuration, DBA, Server process automation.
Tools: Windows Server, Linux, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Java SE and EE, Bash, C++, Perl, C#, Visual Basic.NET, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Ruby, ASP, SOA, REST, Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS, Ionic, Swift, Android Studio, Apache, Tomcat, Hibernate, Load Balancing Hardware.

NARANYA APPHOUSE    IT    CTO    Name of project: NA
Description: As Naranya Apphouse CTO, I was resposible for the creation of the company roles, functions, procedures, protocols and standards. All those gave us the competitive advantage to deliver high quality mobile apps fast. We covered most platforms, going from html5-based mobile web and hybrid apps, to native Iphone IOS, android, blackberry, J2ME-based devices and even unusual OS like symbian, bada or MRE. When the corporate office absorbed the AppHouse company, I coordinated new generation projects among the heterogeneous business units across the company.
Responsibilities: Organisational design, executive tasks, management, product life cycle, customer procurement.
Skills: Strategic vision, negotiation, leadership, project management, systemic approach, organisational design, IT expertise, marketing, knowledge management, workflow management.
Tools: Android SDK, Objective C, C++, QT, Xcode, IOS, Blackberry, Java, J2ME, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, Memcached, Windows, Linux, Mac, Phonegap, ColdFusion, ASP.

DIVERZA    IT    INNOVATION DIRECTOR    Name of project: Buzon Fiscal, Timbre Fiscal
Description: After 5+ years coordinating projects for Diverza, we decided to formalize the commitment so I accepted an executive position in the company leading QA and RD units. I played the roles of architect and project manager of Buzon Fiscal when it grew up from a small internal project to a big business unit. After several projects after that, I also was Timbre Fiscal technical community manager, in charge of guide the nationwide ERP developer community to use the service to certify their fiscal invoices, developing and talking about every computer language used by the community, going from php to c++, from java to .net.
Responsibilities: Project Management, solutions architecture, programming, training, consulting.
Tech Remarkable: The platform at the time was 100% Java. I designed a new architecture and I build the proof-of-concept myself, a SOA client tool that we all used to debug and stress the platform, enhancing and hardening it and we used it also to improve customer support, cutting response times down to 10% of the original figures.
Skills: Community management, multi-language development expertise, leadership, solutions architecture, project management.
Tools: Windows Server, Linux, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sun J2EE, Apache Tomcat, Jboss Hibernate, Load Balancing Hardware, Microsoft Project, Visio, Office, Cisco networking equipment, HP Servers.

GRUPO REFORMA / CORPORATE OFFICES    IT    SUB-DIRECTOR OF INTERNET OPERATIONS    Name of project: Internet web sites of Grupo Reforma, reforma.com, mural.com and elnorte.com.
Description: Creation of a completely new corporate organizational unit to take care of internet web sites of Grupo Reforma (www.elnorte.com, www.reforma.com and www.mural.com).
Responsibilities: This newly created office have six middle management positions including Datacenter Operations, Research and Development, Knowledge Management, Corporate Network Administration, Corporate Technology Acquisitions and New Technologies Research, all reporting directly to me. Specific responsibilities were internet datacenter operation, internet technological infrastructure design and implementation, internet technologies evaluation, software utilities and tools design, development, and deployment, rich media workflow design and deployment across the Grupo Reforma offices, technology requirements assessment, acquisition and in some cases deployment, IT training, corporate data network design, maintenance, support and operation, I was also member of the internet products council, involved in every aspect of internet presence including marketing, business opportunities, finance and new products design, among others.
Tech remarkable: I managed to refactor the BI process, from using an external service provider and taking 36 hours to process the group's web access logs, to do the same with a small intranet using a very fast C++ data feed program taking only 45 minutes.
Skills: Strategic vision, negotiation, leadership, project management, systemic approach, organizational design, IT knowledge, marketing, change management, knowledge management, workflow management. 
Tools: Visual C++, Perl, ASP, Visual Basic, Windows 2000, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Exchange, Red Hat Linux, Cisco equipment, Arrowpoint load balancer, Real media producer, Windows media producer, Apple QuickTime authoring tools, Dell Servers and SAN Equipment.

GRUPO REFORMA / MURAL NEWSPAPER    IT    SUB-DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL PROJECTS     Name of project: Periódico Mural expresion de Jalisco
Description: The project was the creation of the newspaper itself, using the expertise accomplished in the Reforma newspaper project, back in 1993.
Responsibilities I developed a workflow management system, which control the newspaper production process. At the same time, I was responsible of the corporate projects Y2K and Data Warehouse coordinating activities among 13 IT departments across the Grupo Reforma’s 4 offices.
Skills: Project Management, leadership, negotiation, workflow management, IT Knowledge.
Tools: Visual Basic, Visual C++, ASP, Windows NT, and SQL Server 6.5.

GRUPO REFORMA / REFORMA NEWSPAPER    IT    IT OPERATIONS MANAGER    Name of Project: Periódico Reforma Corazon de México.
Description: I had responsibility on 4 middle management positions, covering most of IT functions during and after the birth of Periodico Reforma.
Responsibilities: Datacenter management, network management, tech training and systems development.
Tech remarkable. Little known among my colleagues is the fact that I made a C++ OOP-based computer model of the learning process in a small, technical people group. Then I used this model to test several hypothesis to incrementally develop a knowledge management process. I implemented successfully the process in the datacenter and RD groups, with amazing results.
Skills: Project management, leadership, change management, organizational design, knowledge management, IT knowledge.
Tools: Visual C++, Visual Basic, ASP, Cold Fusion, Rexx, Perl, Windows NT, SQL Server 4.2-6.5, Microsoft Exchange, Sun Solaris, Unix, Apple Macintosh, Novell Netware, Cabletron networking equipment, Dell and Compaq servers.

GRUPO REFORMA / REFORMA NEWSPAPER    IT    TRAINING AND SUPPORT MANAGER    Name of Project: Periódico Reforma Corazón de México.
Description: The project involved everything concerning the birth of the newspaper itself.
Responsibilities: My responsibility in this phase was coordinating tech training of the Reforma and Infosel tech staff. I personally was instructor on more than 15 tech courses on topics such as systems development, networking, database design and implementation, datacenter operation, policies and procedures, among other tech topics.
Tech Remarkable: I made this little C++ utility to copy files from some folders to another ones. That little multi-threaded program was used to control numerous processes across the offices, going from articles and media exchange among the newspapers datacenters to the full automation of a highly time-consuming log system, to a sofisticated distribution system to process the color separated full resolution page files in several specialised newspaper pre-press printing devices.
Skills: Training skills, leadership, knowledge management, IT knowledge.
Tools: Visual Basic, Visual C++, ASP, Cold Fusion, Transact SQL, Windows NT macro languages, Windows NT, SQL Server, Novell Netware, Compaq Servers.

GRUPO REFORMA / INFOSEL    IT    PROJECT LEADER, SR    Name of Project: Periódico Reforma Corazón de México.
Description: The project involved everything concerning the birth of the newspaper itself.
Responsibilities: In this early stage, I was responsible of the development of a computer system for coordinating news events and the pictures flow across the production process.
Skills: Project Management, Software Engineering.
Tools: Visual Basic and SQL Server.

Description: Upgrade the networking equipment in el Norte newspaper replacing old technologies such as AppleTalk and DOS as file server with news ones, such as Os2, Netware and "structured wired" Ethernet.
Responsibilities: I was directly responsible of all those enhancements. Among my responsibilities, was the creation of the first datacenter in the whole organization Grupo Reforma, and I was directly responsible for every organizational and infrastructure aspect of the center, including disaster recovery policies, backups procedures, etc. I was also responsible for the training regarding the new technologies including the adoption of SQL Server v1 and Microsoft Mail.
Skills: Project management, Networking knowledge, Training skills, leadership, knowledge management, database knowledge.
Tools: Token Ring, Ethernet, AppleTalk, Localtalk, Netware, Arcnet 125Mbits, Microsoft Mail, SQL Server, Btrieve, Os2, DOS, Windows for workgroups, Bridging and routing equipment from IBM, Cabletron and other vendors.

GRUPO REFORMA / INFOSEL    IT    PROJECT LEADER, JR    Name of Project: Infodex.
Description: Infodex used to be an information storing and retrieving software with alternate access via phone BBS. This system was successfully sold across the world in places as remote as India or Germany.
Responsibilities: I joined this project in 1989 as a junior developer, and took control of every aspect of the system in 1991 including minor and major upgrades, local, national and international customer support, external hardware drivers development, security and quality.
Tech remarkable. The database engine that the the system used was proprietary and very efficient yet very complex. I designed a small utility using C++ to optimise the database, doubling system speed and cutting down the system downtime from 100 man-hours a week to 2.
Skills: Project Management, Software engineering, Basic and C proficiency, networking protocols programming, hardware interfaces development.
Tools: Microsoft Basic, QuickBasic, Microsoft C, Btrieve, Netware, DOS, PCLan, IPX, NetBIOS and several proprietary APIs and Toolkits.

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