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Through all the positions that I held one prominent characteristic remains: an eye for detail in everything that I do as well as what others do. I have work experience various of industries and have excelled in all of them, but the two main fields in which I specialized are the Medical industry as a Practice Manager and Personal Assistant, specifically in Ophthalmology , and secondly in the Television industry both in the technical and administration areas as a Vision Mixer and Head of Production Secretary respectively. I always use my creative abilities to streamline administration tasks and organisational issues. I'm perfectionistic in my approach to work and expect a high level of professionalism both from myself as well as my co-workers or colleagues whether working at a higher or lower level than myself. I have been exposed to various challenging circumstances in the Television industry as well as in the Medical industry where constant change is inevitable and have dealt exceptionally well in the adaption process in both industries. As a person I value and strongly belief in honesty, sincerity, integrity and loyalty.  I belief that as a person I have a strong ethical foundation instilled in me. I'm at a cross road in my life and I want to enhance my career as a Practice Manager or Personal Assistant/Executive Secretary.
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* Dr Peter M Challis - Ophthalmic Surgeon / Eye Specialist: I love my work. I absolutely adore the patient interaction and have an excellent professional relationship with both the doctor that I work for as well as the patients at the practice.  I work with integrity, enthusiasm and motivation to deliver work of the highest quality.  I perform all the duties at the practice as I am the only person employed by my employer at the practice. It includes the full front-line functions (telephone calls, all patient interaction, interaction with the other practices and their Practice Managers, diary bookings.) I also attend to all medical aid correspondence and communications. From a billing perspective, I handle the billing of all accounts:  I have thorough background knowledge in dealing with all aspects of claims to a medical aid. Other duties are (Debtors which I have mentioned), Creditors (everything except the payments as the doctor handles that himself), Reports for doctors and referring optometrist, All Orders of medical and stationery supplies, the preparation and distribution of all Theatre lists, Daily reconciliation, Month End Procedures, Checking of all the Bank statements, Preparation of all the practice's documentation requirements, and all the relevant filing.

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