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I’m a goal oriented marketing professional that continuously searches for improvement and skills development, My career goal is to stay always updated in business and marketing topics as well as get the highest number of skills to excel in the competitive world of today. I quickly adapt to the environment and the needs of the position.
I have experience in:

-Customer service
-Sales and promotion
-Department store layout
-Warehouse layout
-Operations management
-Warehouse management
-Supply Chain Logistics
-Inventory Control
-Personnel Management
-Process Re-engineering
-Productivity Improvement
Historia laboral
* Zodiac Aerospace (Aviation & Aerospace): As an Inventory Control Manager, I'm responsible of keeping a accurate inventory in all locations in the ERP system, this is physical locations (Stockroom, Floor-stock locations), virtual locations (Test, QA, MRB), In transit locations (Inter-plant transfers), while monitoring the average aging of items.
- MRB control $ 500 K reduction
- Floorstock from 50% to 85% accuracy and kept at 7 days of aging
- Intransit Bins from 85 to 10 days of aging
- Put away location from  15 to 2 days of aging

* Zodiac Aerospace (Aviation & Aerospace): As a Warehouse Manager I'm responsible of establishing the proper process and material flows to ensure a timely supply of goods to the production lines, this is receive, store, kit and supply. Determine the best layout configuration. Work force optimization . Manage a monthly budget for supplies and  safety equipment. Implement and monitor a cyclic count program, plan and lead the physical inventory (At least twice a year).
- Released 30 K square feet of space through layout changes and material consolidation.
-15 % Work force reduction.
-95 % on time delivery to production.
-Warehouse Accuracy from 80 % to 98%.

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