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Sobre mí
Periodista bilingÜe amante del entretenimiento y la farándula.
Historia laboral
International Correspondent (Cali, Colombia)
desde Mayo 2014 hasta Agosto 2014
Canal 4 Cali
Channel 4 TV Show “Magazine Sopa De Letras”; from Monday to Friday at 11am-1pm. Researched, developed, and produced interviews and notes for the Magazine. Two notes per week.

Journalist and Radio Host (Dallas, TX)
desde Marzo 2014 hasta Julio 2014
Fiesta Vallenata Dallas 990 AM
“Fiesta Vallenata”: Latin American Radio Show on Saturdays from 12pm to 1pm in 990 AM. Researched, developed, and produced one hour live radio shows in Spanish that promoted the musical development of this Latin American musical genre in the United States.

Journalist and Editor
desde Febrero 2013 hasta Mayo 2013
El periódico de Arauca
El Periódico de Arauca (Arauca Newspaper). Reguarly wrote stories from the disabled community. Oversaw and edited articles for publication (written by other journalists).

News Reporter Correspondent
desde Febrero 2013 hasta Mayo 2013
Researched, wrote, and covered all the news from the region. Reported on a variety of topics, focusing on the situation of the border between Colombia and Venezuela.

Journalist and Broadcast Anchor
desde Febrero 2013 hasta Mayo 2013
Emisora Arauca Stereo
Researched, wrote, informed, produced, and presented the "Informative Click" section.

Senior Web Page Journalist
desde Enero 2012 hasta Diciembre 2012
Canal RCN TV
Created and uploaded entertainment content for the website:, and variety of other platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Wrote 20 articles per week, and fresh content on interviews, galleries from soap operas (novelas) such as: La Traicionera, Correo de Inocentes, Pobres Rico; series: Corazones Blindados, ¿Dónde está Elisa? Tres milagros, La Mariposa; TV programs: Doctor S.O.S, generating thousands of views on the website every day.

Junior Web Page Journalist
desde Abril 2011 hasta Enero 2012
Contributed written articles and original content of interviews, galleries from reality shows: Colombia Tiene Talento (2011) and El Factor Xs. Presented original ideas to Editor for publication on the website Covered events and premieres of various channel productions.

Digital Journalist
desde Mayo 2007 hasta Diciembre 2007
Periódico El Nuevo Siglo
Researched and updated the website.

Talkshow Assistant Producer "Cura para el alma"
desde Enero 2007 hasta Abril 2007
Dealt with accounts and expenses. Organized equipment, supplies, and locations for the show. Contacted, and assisted actors and crew.

Website Journalism Internship
desde Octubre 2005 hasta Octubre 2006
Contributed written articles and original content for the website, from reality shows: El Factor X 2005, Bailando Por Un Sueño 2005, Cambio Extremo 2005, El Factor X 2006, El Factor Xs 2006. Wrote 10 articles per week and fresh content: galleries from soap operas (novelas) and tv programs; generating thousands of views on the website every day.

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