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About me
Without further ado, I'll start introducing myself as someone who is a firm believer that if you put your heart & dedication into something nothing will be of a hindrance to meet your goals. That translated way back in College when I was forced to look for a part-time job that would help me sustain my remaining years and semesters good thing an old friend of mine recruited me back in my very first venture in the BPO Business as a CSR circa 2005 minus all the drama and fast forward thereafter I graduated with flying colors.Juggling from a regular but determined student to a night owl agent is a herculean task and a feat to endure but I was able to.
Customer Service and Communication Skills are the things that acquired from long years of experience from both BPOs (Voice & Non-Voice) to Retail Industry (Photoshop's Studio & CruiseShip). These entails perpetual patience to people, effectively working under pressure, intelligently handling stress, undying commitment, professional integrity all boils down to what I have become now thanks to the lengthy working years that put into it. Mind you I'm speaking for myself, these are not just showbiz nor google answer just to add rhetoric's to my resume but this is coming from someone who started working non-stop at the young age of 18 until this day of my 31st existence (God, now that reminds me I'm old :) ).
. Truth to be told, I've switch careers after a suffocating gridlock of Manila & enjoyed a relatively stay here in the urban part of Cavite away from the hustle & bustle of the BPO industry as an accomplished Photographer from both locally & internationally since I worked in short but memorable stint with cruise ship. I've used the English language in the most prestige event or say international stage and that is speaking,selling to not only American but Europeans & Asians around the world. I know firsthand the cultural difference, how they think,need & feel with that being said my extensive knowledge in English is not only limited to the textbook English, answering phone-calls thru a dialer nor emailing but I can confidently say that I can speak and breathe this Language. This English language is relatively important in filtering potential candidates because not only does it requires good enunciation but careful selection of words to know who's best and who's not. My recent affair as a Recruitment Associate gave me so much knowledge when selecting people for a specific role and I very much think that what you need is someone who resolves issues in a timely manner & does the job in a daily basis with 100% reliability which is something that I have been doing for more than 10 yrs now.
I have been very adaptive to any working environment & receptive to people of their specific needs yet is also quick to resolve any arising issue.
Comments are always Welcome! During my employment whenever I received feedback from superior or colleague positively it certainly don't get in my head, negatively I don't take it personally rather I take them as challenge to overcome my areas of improvement. Tons of years of experience made me mentally & emotional tough to any adversaries and like I always say kill your client or customer with kindness.
Work history
Virtual Assistant - February 2017-Sept 2019
Cruise Ship Photographer - Feb 2016-Feb 2017
Studio Photographer May 2013-October 2015
Journal Production Editor - Jan 2010-Dec 2012
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