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Hi, this is Nika,  and I live in Argentina. I'm a graphic designer and freelance photography. I teach computer basics to elderly people and I also work as an administrative for the Chamber of Cemeteries.
I work many years for different companies in the US so my english is very fluid and I have a vast experience dealing with  difficult customers.
I'm very proficient with web environments and Microsoft Office. I love languages so I also speak french. I'm learning chinese.
I practice Ashtanga yoga five days a week.
Historia laboral
- Apex, a SYKES Company. March 2004-December 2008. Bilingual customer careline supervisor providing support to MCI, Capital One, and Kodak.

-Próximo CC. September 2008-November 2008. Marketing research for companies such as: General Motors, Windows, Lufthansa, Google, etc.

-A2ZDECO (Custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry). August 2009- December 2009. Bilingual sales representative from home using Skype.

-Peñón del Águila (theme park). December 2007- February 2010. Photographer.

-Zero Variance. March 2010- September 2010. Quality analist providing support to Canadian call centers.

-Telecom Personal. October 2010- January 2013. Customer care line providing technical support to modem users.

-CACEPRI (Acronym stands for “Cámara Argentina de Cementerios Parque Privados”, CACEPRI is an entity that connects and organizes cemeteries in Argentina) January 2013- Present. Secretary and administrator of the entity.

-Web translation english-spanish for
-English-Spanish interpreter in Yoga Workshops.

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