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I am an IT professional with over a decade of experience in the industry in multiple roles. During my time in the industry, I have administrated networks of various sizes and complexity, built websites and applications using a myriad of languages, and managed teams of professionals in companies ranging from band new startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Throughout my career I have demonstrated effective communication with both clients and team members to achieve results within high pressure work environments. I have a solid work ethic and take pride in how I bring trust and integrity to all client relationships.
Historia laboral
* DealerPlus (Information Technology and Services) [from 3/2013]: * Identify and resolve security shortcomings within the application, such as input sanitazation, implementing classes to create data-access abstraction layers, and creation of stored procedures
* Improve application performance via DB schema and PHP code re-factoring
* Planning and implementation of new features that seamlessly integrate into the current codebase
* Re-factoring of the current codebase from the current procedural codebase, to standard Object Orientated PHP
* Implementing third party APIs to connect and interface with the application
* Improving application testing procedures, taking from the current manual testing procedure,  to implementing a continuous integration server, utilizing developed PHPUnit scripts

* Centah Inc. (Information Technology and Services) [from 8/2012]: * Create and maintain the businesses core application while maintaining security & performance standards
* Interfacing with Postgres based DBs, creating and maintaining DB schemas, creation of performance and security minded queries
* Building and maintenance of front end views via compiled PHP created by custom XML scripts.
* Authoring of Javascript code to extend front end functionality, utilizing jQuery and ExtJS frmeworks.
* Proficient in object oriented programming MVC based architecture utilizing PHP5
* Managing code repositories using Git for version control.

* Internetworks (Information Technology and Services) [from 2/2012]: * Experience with assessment, planning, and management of application and module development
* Evaluation of third party software and modules for use in our applications to extend or create functionality
* Utilize HTML, CSS and javascript code to design application views for public and intranet based users
* Created new features for various applications and projects using PHP and MYSQL to deliver dynamic content
* Experience with industry standard development tools such as Eclipse PDT, Xdebug, SVN, and PHPUnit
* Proficient in object oriented programming MVC based architecture utilizing PHP5
* Troubleshooting functionality, performance, and security issues at the application and system levels
* Ability to handle multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously
* Able to communicate with clients effectively to determine their needs and requirements for potential projects

* Timeless Medical Systems (Information Technology and Services) [from 11/2010]: Used W3C valid HTML, CSS and javascript to design website front end pages
Improved on existing features, enacting improvements and changes requested by clients
Created new features for various applications and projects using Java, PHP and MYSQL to deliver dynamic content
Experience with industry standard development tools such as Eclipse PDT, Xdebug, SVN, Junit, and PHPUnit
Proficient in object oriented programming architecture with multiple languages
Experience with java frameworks such as JavaServer Pages and Hibernate
Trouble shot issues that arise in regards to functionality, performance, and security with developer applications
Ability to handle multiple tasks and deadlines simultaneously
Able to communicate with clients effectively for determining needs and requests for projects

* IBM (Information Technology and Services) [from 4/2009]: * Performing installation and maintenance of software on * systems to address security and performance issues.
* Meeting owners of internal systems regarding their business needs and time management for achieving compliance requirements.
* Working with team-members and members of supporting departments to increase efficiency in meeting deadlines, identify potential pitfalls and emerging issues, and formulate steps for resolutions of issues found.
* Updating systems to meet IBM compliance requirements.
* Working on all systems in the offices formerly owned by Cognos in Ottawa, numbering over one thousand machines
* Dealing with a vast array of operating systems, including the complete family of Windows operating systems from NT4 to Server 2008, various flavours of Linux, and other UNIX variants such as Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX
* Working with a myriad of applications such as MSSQL Server, Oracle Application Suites, Cognos Software products, Apache & IIS, and Websphere among others.
* Utilizing effective time management skills to complete systems for their specified deadlines.
* Leading project teams to manage system inventory and compliance standards.

* Sears, Roebuck and Co. (Retail) [from 2/2008]: * Overseeing all day to day operations for our Contact Centres
* Leading, developing and recruiting associates for the department
* Ensuring all data and duties performed by associates are executed correctly and promptly
* Interact with managers in the development and implementation of business and operational tasks
* Communicate and collaborate with Contact Centre teams, external business and IT partners in a national perspective on issues related to operations
* Offered and implemented changes to improve the efficiency of the department

* dominKnow Inc (E-Learning) [from 9/2007]: * Maintained, troubleshoot and administered the companies local area network, internal workstations, peripheral equipment, and offsite servers and applications
* Installation, upgrading and updating of computer hardware, networking software and Windows operating systems such as 2000, 2003, and XP.
* Monitoring the performance of computer systems, networks and application and websites, and implementing steps for improvement of our IT infrastructure
* Provide support for staff with technical related issues
* Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations
* Install, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade web-server and database hardware and software
* Set up local area networks and connections to the internet
* Setup, maintenance and troubleshooting of internal VOIP systems.
* Implementing new methods and technologies to improve operations

* Hewlett-Packard (Information Technology and Services) [from 5/2006]: * Managed department during overnight hours, in charge of all projects scheduled for overnight delivery and execution.
* Responsible for all documentation for deviations, outages and issues, and to resolve them according to documented procedures.
* Monitoring the HP Canada network for system or network issues and failures
* Monitor backups on Windows, Unix, and OpenVMS based systems
* Troubleshoot applications and backups on Windows, Unix and VMS based systems
* Document issues that arise and refer to the corresponding technicians and/or departments

* 4Poyntz Dezign (Information Technology and Services) [from 11/2005]: * Developed and collaborated on new features for the companies flagship product
* Worked on existing features, enacting improvements and changes requested by customers
* Resolved performance, security, and functionality issues that arose during QA and testing stages.
* Created HTML/CSS templates for customers from submitted Photoshop mockups
* Creating and maintaining MySQL DB schemas and queries
* Development of new and existing features for company's CMS project
* Migration of existing CMS software written in PHP to Java utilizing JavaServer Pages, Hibernate and Spring
* Deploying CMS installations on both Apache and Tomcat servers
* Using CVS for version control

* BlueLightning Studios (Information Technology and Services) [from 5/2005]: *    Developed websites and applications for small and medium-sized business customers
*    Planned out timetables and key objectives for all projects acquired.
*    Gathered information to outline, plan and develop what customers wanted for their website or application
*    Created applications/websites using PHP, Java and Perl languages.
*    Utilizing Object Orientated programming techniques with all projects.
*    Deployed applications on various web/application server configurations, including Apache, IIS, and Tomcat.
*    Utilized various database sources such as MySQL and MSSQL based upon customer environment.
*    Administered all testing servers and software used for development, using Windows Server OS’s, Linux, and BSD operating systems
*    In charge of developing leads, acquiring new contracts and assuring current customer satisfaction with their purchase of our services.

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