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My first computer experience was very simple, back in 1996 or 1997. I started using my father's computer as an entertainment device. And that was when I started surfing and learning a lot with the internet.
After that, computer became my top hobbie. I learned a bunch about hardware, played a lot and started to discover the world of software programming. In 2006 I got into a technical high school and learned more and more about it. In 2008 I got my first paid internship (my first was in 2007 at the high school itself) at Correios (Brazil's mail service) working with some macros from OpenOffice.
In early 2009 I got my first official job as Software Developer at NM Sistemas, using and learning more and more about Java, Java EE and DBs, as Oracle and PostgreSQL. It was a really good experience and made me feel extremely sure about my choice for professional life.
Back in 2011, I left my city (Bauru) and my job at NM Sistemas to study in Curitiba at the Federal Technological University of Paraná. In Curitiba I worked at CINQ Technologies, a medium-sized company with some inovation projects, some governmental projects and some off-shore accounts. At CINQ I worked with configuration management and build management of Java huge applications, developing most shell and ant scripts, some maven and things like that.
During my whole career I always had some side-work projects and some freelancing jobs, mostly with web developing and in 2012 I started working at SocialMX and advertising agency focused on digital experience. At SocialMX I work mostly with WordPress and lots and lots of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And that's where I had my first experience as team leader. I've coordenated the website's creation department.
After that, I entered the startups' world. I've worked for more than a year in SitePX, developing their plataform and developing new products, based on CDN and other Cloud technologies.
For almost 5 years, I've been working with Amazon Web Services, providing infra-structure for all my projects and services.
Historia laboral
* 2008-2009 Interniship @ Correios (Brazilian Mail service);
* 2009-2011 Java EE Developer @ NM Sistemas (Bauru, SP - Brasil);
* 2011-2012 Configuration Management Analyst @ CINQ Technologies (Curitiba, PR - Brasil);
* 2012-2014 Web Developer @ SocialMX (Curitiba, PR - Brasil);
* 2014-2016 Web Developer @ SitePX (Curitiba, PR - Brasil);
* 2016- Web Developer @ PeaceLabs (Curitiba, PR - Brasil);

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