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PHP Backend & iOS developer who likes to work with standards and good techniques.

I've experience working on small and big applications with a lot of traffic. My backend experience is also important when talking about server management as I've worked as Sysadmin before, so I know how to handle a server when it's traffic is heavy. I have experience with iOS Development (Objective-c).

I can learn any new technology or tool fast, and can grow as the business does, that's why I like to face new challenges everyday... each one of them is (more than a challenge) a new opportunity to evolve.

My favourite quote: "Never stop learning"
Historia laboral
* Craftinc S.A.S (Program Development):

- Development of a full featured REST API used by an iOS and Android clients.
- Implement code coverage of the REST API and back-end of the app.
- Learn about unit tests, mocking, stubs, and testing techniques in general.
- Implement integration with the iOS app through Apple push notifications.
- Manage a MySQL database.
- Write Objective-C code maintaining a preexisting iOS app.
- Implement improvements in the PHP/Laravel back-end, adding new features to the REST API.

* Sproutloud Media Networks (Software Developer)
- Handled web development under Linux environments.
- Fixed bugs for SproutLoud's marketing application as part of an outstanding development team.
- Wrote unit tests for the existing code.
- Worked in an Agile team and learned about Scrum workflow.
- Learned Git extensively and read the full Pro Git book.
- Started using Vim as my primary editor.
- Developed part (with a team) of several important modules currently in use by the app.
- Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, Zend Framework, ExtJS, Vim, Linux, PHPUnit

* Núcleo Software, Web Developer (2012 - 2013)
- Engaged in web programming under LAMP. Managed Linux servers.
- Developed REST APIs, interchanging information between systems using a one-entry API system and connecting through REST clients.
- Developed using the Yii Framework and Twitter Bootstrap.
- Created back-end rich UIs using jQuery UI and clients connecting and parsing JSON from the API.
- Changed all the company's infrastructure from GoDaddy to AWS. Used EC-2, S3, ELB, Route 53, EBS, and other AWS services.
- Extended my Linux skills while working on mission critical software in the dedicated servers.
- Created an SPA with KnockoutJS.
- Technologies: PHP, Yii, Zend Framework, REST APIs, CSS, Bootstrap, AWS, HTML, CentOS, jQuery, jQueryUI, KnockoutJS

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