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When I started my studies in Computer Science at University of Buenos Aires I didn't know that one of the jobs I could achieve was developing games.

I've always loved games so when I saw that it wasn't too far, it wasn't a dream to make games I got really excited. My interest in gaming and how exactly it worked deepened considerably.

Now I got quite a bit of theory but not enough practice.
I'm developing a few small games with a friend (and worked on a game studio for almost a year) but because of the university and other issues I end up spending my time on other things.
I'm not giving up though, I'll make my own and awesome games.

I'm also interested on new technologies and new ways to apply the theory I learned.
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Game Developer @ Purple Tree (10 months)

Game development, involving framework/libraries development, with different targets (desktop, mobile and web). Programming mostly on Haxe but actively using other languages as Java (Android), Javascript, HTML, Json.

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