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I write things. It’s what I do for a living. It’s what I’ve been doing for the last 16 years. First, I started writing codes. I was a self-taught web developer in my teens so my first job, naturally, was in a digital agency.

My curiosity led me to Advertising. Now as a copy writer. And I did the whole path: unpaid internship, tight deadlines, low budget, overtime working, sleepless nights, presentations, pitches, pizzas, huge campaigns, weekend work, pre-pro meetings, film shoots, awards, parties, more sleepless nights… you should know.

Then, in 2010, a UK translation company contacted me for a job. A few weeks later, I got another job. And other companies just started to find me on LinkedIn. Hey, I thought, I think I’m good at that too. :)

Now I’m divided in two. I'm half a senior copywriter to do what I love the most: come up with ideas, write scripts, write content, write copy, manifestos, headlines, and taglines. And half a creative translator to localize global brands campaigns and creative content to the Brazilian market.

During this time, I also got married and had two little boys. If life fuels creativity, I'm doing my part to keep writing good things.

I’ve already worked for quite a lot of brands, from a local pâtisserie to a global Silicon Valley company. Some industries I've worked for include automotive, aviation/airline, education, electronics, energy, engineering (including logistics and transportation), entertainment & media, fashion, FMCG (from mineral water to seafood to cleaning products), finance & economics, home improvement & interior design, hospitality & tourism, IT, jewellery & watches, luxury goods & lifestyle, marketing, medical & healthcare, retail, and sports.

Copywriter Portfolio:
Historia laboral
* Slogan Propaganda (Marketing & Advertising): Slogan is an independent ad agency based in Fortaleza and one of the largest ad agencies in the Brazilian Northeast, with offices in Brasília, Teresina, and João Pessoa.

I’ve been working for brands like Adtalem Educacional do Brasil (part of Adtalem Global Education; pitch winner), 99POP (ride-sharing app; pitch winner), Grupo Newland (car dealership group with brands including Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, smart, Jeep, Jaguar and Harley-Davidson), Mercadinhos São Luiz (local supermarket chain), Normatel Home Center (home improvement supplies store; pitch winner), Naturágua (mineral water), Shopping ID (decoration and design mall), Governo do Estado do Ceará (Ceará State Government; pitch winner).

I've also participated in the successful campaign for Ceará Government to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil games in Fortaleza.

* Freelancer: Ever since I started translating, I’ve worked on a wide range of localization projects, from advertising (including TV spots, print ads, and brochures), to creative content (such as videos, web series, social media, articles, and advergames) to websites.

I've already worked for brands like Budweiser, Apple iTunes, Facebook, Unilever (pitch winner), NFL, Emirates, Stella Artois, Simple Skincare, TRESemmé, Dulux/Tintas Coral,  Citi,  adidas, DuPont, Microsoft, Samsung, Tiffany & Co, and many others.

Creative copywriting, content writing, creative translation (transcreation) from EN and ES into PT-BR, localization, copy editing, proofreading, subtitling, and market insight.

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