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Lucas D.

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Software Engineer that works as an Android Developer, DevOps, y backend developer.

Curious by nature, I always try to learn, either how I can improve the things I do, some new technology, or another knowledge in a field that I do not work. All knowledge is useful; it helps  us to solve the challenges that the work and the life presents to us.

Keywords, or some of the things that I use to work:
- Android (Api 14 to Api 26, Butterknife, Retrofit, Picasso, Firebase SDK, Facebook SDK, Google Play Services SDK)
- APIs REST (server and client)
- AWS (Certificate Manager, CloudFront, CloudWatch, EC2, IAM, RDS, Route53, S3, SES, SNS, SQS, VPC)
- Bash Scripting
- Java (for Android, Spring, Maven, Gradle, JUnit)
- Linux (installation, configuration)
- MySQL (installation, configuration)
- Networking
- Network protocols (tcp/ip stack, dns, http, https)
- Nginx (installation, configuration)
- PHP (AWS SDK, some Laravel, custom scripts)
- Python (AWS SDK, Django, Numpy)
Historia laboral
* Bondacom (Internet): Management and maintenance of remote servers of the company, running Linux.
Design and development of scalable server architectures and services.

All of this using Amazon Web Services:

- Certificate Manager
- CloudFront
- CloudWatch
- EC2
- Route53
- S3

Other technologies implemented: Jenkins (for CI/CD with Github and Slack integrations), Graphite and Grafana (for real time monitoring).

* Bondacom (Internet): Development and maintenance of mobile apps for the company products:



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