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Since 2007 I have been developing plastic films either monolayer or multilayer films (blown and cast) for Venezuelan industry. I have experience developing heavy duty structures, barrier films, shrink film and stretch hood, improving their mechanical properties, abuse resistance, sealing properties and barrier properties (WVTR and OTR). I also have experience designing plastic parts (CAD/CAE) and injection molds. Lately my investigations have been focus on developing models to optimize extrusion process, film properties and additives content.
Historia laboral
* Investigación y Desarrollo, C.A. (Indesca) (Research): Core responsibilities

- Managing multiple projects
- Coordinating activities related to processing of polymers: film extrusion, pipes, profiles, filaments, bottles, injection, rotational molding, preparation of formulations and masterbatches.
- Ensuring compliance with management indicators, within the framework of ISO 9001: 2008.
- Training new staff.


- Development of blown film properties predictor by using artificial neural networks.
- Development of custom inventory system by using Visual Basic for Applications.
- Development of risk analysis techniques to prevent work accidents.

* Investigación y Desarrollo, C.A. (Research): Core responsibilities

- Project documentation
- Design, evaluation and optimization of multilayer plastic film (blown and cast).
- Design of plastic parts and injection molds with CAD/CAE technology.
- Design, evaluation and optimization of formulations for injection molding, rotational molding and blow molding.
- Additive selection/optimizacion.
- Evaluation of plastics properties.
- General technical assistance on plastics.
- Teacher in courses about blown film extrusion process


- Development and optimization of heavy duty sacks for PE resin.
- Development and optimization of PE shrink hood for PE resin.
- Optimization of slip, antiblock and antioxidant dosis on PE resin.
- Optimization of PS profiles for house buildings.
- Development of high barrier films for UHT milk packaging.
- Development of medium barrier films for cereal packaging.
- Development of toy for special children.

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