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A dedicated life-long student of English, translator and teacher for over 9 years, focused on continuous improvement and deepening of both knowledge and skill in the language. CPE level of English.
Historia laboral
•    May 2013 – present: Independent consultant at Appen Butler Hill for linguistic and localization services
•    2011-August 2012: EFL teacher at Be Better Language School, São Carlos, SP.
•    2011: Portuguese-English translation of four iPhone game projects with focus on language compatibility to the genre. Under the supervision of Maira Gregolin, Ph.D., for the iMax Games company, located in Campinas, SP, Brazil. For more details and references: maira@imaxgames.com.br
•    2011: English version of the GEL (Group of Linguistic Studies of the State of São Paulo) website, which represents members from all major universities in the state UNESP, USP, UNICAMP and UFSCar. Under Prof. Gladis Maria Barcellos Almeida. For more details and references: gladis.mba@gmail.com
•    2010: Translation of the Brazilian version of the International Association for Energy Economics website, under Prof. José Antonio Scaramucci, Ph.D., from UNICAMP’s Interdisciplinary Nucleus for Energy Planning. For more details and references: jascar@uol.com.br
•    2010: contributor as consecutive translator to the 5-day course “Excellence In Education – Contributions Of The African Thought In Psychology And Education”, delivered by Wade D. Nobles, Ph.D., visiting professor from San Francisco State University, under the UFSCar Centre of Afro-Brazilian Studies and the coordination of Petronilha Beatriz Gonçalves e Silva, Ph.D.
•    2004-present: work with English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English translation in a variety of fields of expertise and in all areas of knowledge (hard/soft sciences), for both commercial and academic ends.
•    2004-present: private teacher of EFL especially to graduation and post-graduation applicants, focusing on their respective areas of expertise and on their prospective countries of interest (U.S.A., U.K., Europe).
•    2009-present: translator, proof-reader and voice-over actor to the Brazil Exp. Services Inc., under employer and founder Mrs. L.H. Gallagher, Ellenton, FL, U.S.A. For more details and references: lourdes_gallagher@yahoo.com
•    2007: teacher in the “Introduction to English Language Studies” Extension Course, under the coordination of Rita Barbirato Ph.D., to Linguistics and Literature students from the Federal University of São Carlos.
•    2005-2006: monitor and Expand Fridays Programme teacher at the Presidente Prudente Centre for British Studies – Cultura Inglesa, Presidente Prudente, SP.
•    2004-2005: Didactic Lab monitor and S.O.S classes teacher at C.N.A. Language School, Presidente Prudente, SP.

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